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You have found your solution: Light Steel Frame Construction, the leaders in the field.



Looking for an alternative to the headaches of conventional construction? You have found your solution: Light Steel Frame Construction, the leaders in the field.

For over a thousand years there has been only one invention in the building industry, the brick. Now however, there is a better, quicker and more cost-effective solution: Light Steel Framing. This system originated in New Zealand and quickly spread across the world becoming the favored method of construction in New Zealand, Australia, United States of America and many more leading countries. The method is not only less labor intensive but also cleaner and greener, straighter – ensuring a better and brighter future for our beloved planet.


Siteform was established in 2006. From the beginning we knew that nothing but the very best service and quality would do. To ensure this, our engineering team underwent intense training. Our head engineer is regarded as one of the top authorities in the industry. Siteform always had the urge to break down the barriers and myths surrounding Light Steel Frame Construction. This was evident when one of our first projects was an unmatched three story 600sqm luxury home. Every new design and idea that has been deemed impossible by others was tackled by us as a new challenge and we are yet to be stumped. We believe in our system therefore our double story office with attic and factory are build with LSF to showcase the possibilities of LSF.

Siteform is situated in Bloemfontein but we are involved in multiple projects across the country from Cape Town up to Johannesburg, Botswana and other African countries.

No project is too big or too small and we guarantee nothing but the very best quality in every aspect of our work.


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Free Quotations & Full Costing For Light Steel Frame Houses.

We can provide estimated costings from foundations to handing over the key – Turn key costing.

Quote for your new roof – no problem – we do a preliminary engineered design of your roof including the required roof covering material.